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Tuition Club

We work with small groups of children to help improve core skills in English and Maths.

A positive learning environment sets the tone for good things to happen, and that’s what we aim to do at Compass.

Whether we are helping a child prepare for an exam or offering extra support to help them at school, our approach ensures children understand what they are learning, in a fun and friendly environment. We use different approaches to explain the tricky concepts and lessons are interactive, with lots of practical elements.

The group sizes are small, with four children in each class. This ensures children get the individual attention they need whilst also having a fun team element to each session.

The content of our English and Maths clubs links directly to the curriculum to provide the extra support they need whilst addressing any gaps in their learning.

Our English programme will cover all key aspects of the curriculum including reading comprehension, writing, spelling and grammar by bringing the subject to life in new and exciting ways.

For some children maths can be frustrating, but it can have the greatest rewards when areas of difficulty are understood. Whether your child needs support with core skills or understanding new topics, we will help find new ways to ensure they are able to understand what they are learning.

We also offer an initial assessment. Using that, and parent feedback we carefully select a group to fit your child and then their learning journey can begin!

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